To My Present and Future Godchildren

[Photo: One Tree Hill, The CW]
Dear Godchild,

My friends think I make a good godparent — maybe because I have always been a good friend and I will surely extend my love for them, and turn it into love for you.

But being a good friend is far different from being a good godparent. For instance, while we celebrate each others’ victories, we don’t have the title of being a “god-friend.” We hold each others’ hands in good times and in bad, and we pray for each other in times of need, but see, the guiding and praying part is not the main thing: the main thing is company and support.

I am not the type of person who goes to church every Sunday. I believe in God, mind you. But the Bible, for me, is more of literature — I know  and remember the stories of Adam and Eve, of Abraham, of Job, of Noah and the Great Storm, of the birth of Christ because I read them as picture books when I was a child.

I believe in My God, but I don’t push my belief on anyone else because I believe that culture plays a part in religion, and I am the type who would read up on other people’s culture and history, and learn about the Gods that they believe in.

That’s to say, I won’t be a great godparent in the sense that godparents should be. But I will be here for you when you need a friend, a book recommendation (and I’d even recommend the Bible from time to time!) or be the person in your corner when you need me to be.

But I can’t be the godparent who will be exemplary in the ways of a good Christian by church attendance, or by my morality. Heck, I might even be the one to give you your first sip of alcohol, or tell you to fight back to your bullies.

One thing is for sure: I will love you the same way I love my friend(s), your parent(s), and I’ll be here for you when you need me, the same way I will be there for them.

Lots of love,

Your Godmom


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